EPE'13 has realized the webcast of lectures presented in the Amphitheatre Vauban. Most of them are industrial presentations, without an associated paper: some pdf files of the presentations are available on the on-line program depending on the authors agreement. Moreover, only webcasts of presentations from authors who signed the copyright and agreement forms are available. The recording has been realized by the Lille1.Tv team of Université Lille1. We would like to thank Lille1.Tv for their valuable work.


Tuesday 3 sept.
Opening Session
by Betty Lemaire-Semail (L2EP - Université Lille1, France) and Jean-Luc Thomas (CNAM / SUPELEC - France)

Opening Address
The strategic role of grids
by André Merlin, Medgrid, France

Keynote 1: Power electronics enabling the grid of the future
Grids: Smart Grids : large scale experimentation in Vendée and future markets for power electronics
by Nicolas Gente, SYDEV Vendée, France

Grids: First return on experience on Smart Grids Demonstrations : emergence of new System of systems architectures
by Laurent Schmitt, Alstom, France

Keynote 2: Power Electronics for Aerospace
Aeronautics: The era of the electrical aircraft
by Alain Coutrot, Safran, France

Industrial session: Power Electronics for the Grid
Cigre and Trends in Power Electronics for the Grid
by Bjarne Andersen, Cigre, United Kingdom

Medgrid - An industrial initiative for the development of interconnections between the Mediterranean power grids
by Philippe Adam, MEDGRID, France

A roadmap to the development of the Supergrid
by Norman Macleod, Friends of the Supergrid, Belgium

Cable technologies for HVDC connections and interconnections
by Christian Frohne, Nexans, France

Industrial Session Grids
R&D opportunities for Supergrid issues : technological propects
by Philippe Egrot, EDF, France

Wind Energy integration, an operator point of view
by Peng Li, Maia Eolis, France

Multilevel Modular Converter Design and optimization
by Colin Oates, Alstom Grid, United Kingdom
Wednesday 4 sept.
Awards Ceremony
by Marcel Jufer (EPFL - Switzerland) and Jean-Luc Thomas (CNAM / SUPELEC - France)

Keynote 3: Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure
HEV : Electrifying the mobility of a city
by Rune Haaland, Electric Vehicle Union, Norway

Industrial session: The prospective vision of the car manufacturers
Nissan's prospective on the deployment of quick charging as a way to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle
by Olivier Paturet, Nissan, France

Hybrid concepts for automotive application
by Nicolas Leclère, MPSA, France

Technical and economical challenges of the charge of electric vehicles
by Bertrand Largy, Renault, France

Industrial session: Making electricity available down the street
Experience on quick charging with 50% of the installed quick chargers in Europe
by Alexandre Borgoltz, DBT, France

On-grid battery energy storage in support of smart grid management
by Alfons Westgeest, Eurobat, Belgium

CHAdeMO: DC fast-charging standard in action
by Tomoko Blech, CHAdeMO, France

Industrial session: New traction powertrains of hybrid vehicles (organized by MEGEVH and PREDIT)
Development of Toyota plug-in hybrid vehicle
by Rody El Chammas, Toyota Europe, France

Double-planetary geartrain hybrid electric traction for civil and military trucks
by Olivier Pape, Nexter System, France

Merge automotive e-drive and universal charger with open windings machine
by Antoine Bruyère, Valeo, France
Thursday 5 sept.
Closing session
by Betty Lemaire-Semail (L2EP - Université Lille1, France) and Jean-Luc Thomas (CNAM / SUPELEC - France)

Keynote 4: Power Electronics for Railways
Technical solutions and dévelopment permitted by power electronics applied to the Energy transition in French Railways
by Christian Courtois, SNCF - Direction ingénierie, France

Industrial session: Power Electronics for Railways (organized by MEGEVH)
Technical evolutions of subway VAL from 1983 to 2013
by Maxime Van Roose, Transpole, France

Permanent magnets Synchronous Machines for transportation systems
by Florence Meier

Power Electronics: nothing for the future goes without high-power Wide Band Gap semi-conductors
by Mathieu Bancelin, Alstom Transport, France

Industrial special session: Energetic Macroscopic Representation of railway systems (organized by MEGEVH)
Different models of an energy storage subsystem for a hybrid locomotive
by Tony Letrouve, L2EP - Université Lille1, France

Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a Hybrid Electric Locomotive and experimental characterization of Nickel-Cadmium battery cells
by Jérôme Baert, FEMTO-ST, France

Dynamical and static models of the traction system of an automatic subway
by Clément Mayet, Siemens SAS, France

Industrial special session: Energetic Macroscopic Representation of vehicles systems(organized by MEGEVH)
Simulation model of a multi-stack fuel cell system
by Clément Depature, L2EP - Université Lille1, France

Control of a Combined Multiphase Electric Drive and Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle
by Xavier Kestelyn, L2EP - Arts&Métiers ParisTech, France

Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a Hybrid Elevator – Considerations on Strategies for Energy Management
by Philippe Barrade, EPFL, Switzerland