Local greenhouse effet gases emissions, due to the conference, could be mitigated by planting trees and hedgerow groves in Nord Pas-de-Calais county. This page also exists in french.

Webcast realized by Lille1 TV
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Partnership is made with the POCHECO CANOPEE REFORESTATION (fr), local association. Our project is to plant these trees and bushes (local essences) in order to surround and protect Mr. Thierry Fournier's field. He is a farmer at Forest sur Marque. Planting these trees was done on 2014, March 13, by more than 50 volunteers from our L2EP laboratory.

Three hedgerows, are planted, with one tree (willow tadpole), along already existing fences:

Hedgerow 1 : 310m / 1017ft (approx. 750 bushes) and 20 trees,

Hedgerow 2 : 190m / 623ft (approx. 450 bushes) and 10 trees,

Hedgerow 3 : 28.5m / 93.5ft (approx. 85 bushes).


According to our computations, this project would completely mitigate our local emissions in about 20 years only.


A few pictures...